What's an ATS ?

Published on 29/03/2022

3 min.

ATS solution de recrutement

Discover the tool that facilitates recruitment

What is an ATS ?

ATS stands for Applicant Tracking System, in French it is translated as recruitment software. It is a digital sourcing solution that allows you to centralize information in order to facilitate the recruitment process.

Good to know: in France, 68% of companies with more than 5,000 people have an ATS. But they're not just for big companies! You can enjoy the benefits of ATS even as an SME.

Why do you need it ?

Can't manage the flow of applications? Use an ATS.

Don't have enough applicants? Use an ATS.

Can't find the right candidate? Use an ATS.

No more excel files, piles of CVs, application follow-ups. By using an ATS, you find all the information in the same place and in real time.

The ATS simplifies the recruitment process, information is centralized and you have an instant overview. Easily share the information with your collaborators and choose the candidate who will correspond to your corporate repository.

Automatisez les tâches chronophages, ne perdez plus de temps à déposer les annonces sur plusieurs plateformes, à créer des tableaux excel, envoyer des mails ou même collecter des statistiques. Grâce à l’ATS, toutes les informations importantes sont au même endroit. 

Put people at the heart of the process, promote equal opportunities and avoid discrimination. Bring an ethical dimension to your business by using automated software.
Save time, free yourself up for important tasks while keeping an eye on what's going on.

How to correctly use it ?

Many different features can be incorporated into an ATS. Depending on what you are looking for, you just have to adapt your ATS. Some can compare resumes, rank them, or find matches. You can search by keyword to find more specific information.

In short, you only have to establish your criteria and apply the corresponding options. It is a software which, most of the time, is configurable. 

The ATS SKILDER, an additional analysis

For an application to be read, it takes an average of 44 hours, if we assume that it will really be read. 

So to avoid wasting time, money and energy Skilder has developed its own ATS. 

From the filing of the candidate search announcement until the finalization of the hiring, we support you.

Submit search ads for candidates on the platform, which will be relayed to your networks instantly.

Define your skills framework and create a suitable candidate path.

Use performance monitoring to see in real time the progress of each candidate, find the data of each in the dedicated space.

Make your future employees want to join you with the enhancement of the employer brand.

Be at the same level of information as your employees, discuss on progress in recruitment simply and quickly.

In addition to being the tool that will facilitate your efforts, it allows better referencing. No, you're not dreaming.

Skilder offers a complete test: we analyze your potential and your skills.

What if we integrated the assessment into your initial recruitment process?