Skilder candidate pre-qualification

Published on 03/05/2022

2 min.

Préqualifiation des candidats

Candidate pre-qualification, why and how ?

In France, a recruitment costs on average between 5000 and 8000€.

This includes the salary of the recruiters, the time spent on interviewing, the distribution of advertisements, etc.
A recruitment error can cost a company dearly. With SKILDER secure your recruitment with candidate prequalification.

Why ?

Recruiting a candidate can be a difficult and repetitive journey. Between reading CVs, phone interviews, the time spent on face-to-face interviews and making the final decision… you can quickly waste time and money.
With the Skilder solution, simplify processes and find all consolidated assessments.

How ?

Thanks to the Skilder ATS, automate repetitive tasks : publishing on the different channels (Indeed, Linkedin, etc.), sending mail, etc.

Configure your offer quickly and personalize the platform according to your graphic identity.

Have a global view of all applications and make your decision based on the scoring in relation to your benchmark (your needs). Charts are at your disposal to quickly visualize the profiles that stand out.

Take CMP tests (cognitive, motivation, personality), assessment depending on what you are looking for. We also offer technical tests such as programming language (JavaScript, Python, CSS) or desktop publishing software (Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, etc.)

Best of all, you have the ability to create your own tests to suit all your needs.

But not only that, you can also import profiles easily from your CV Library to different campaigns.

In addition, the interface is clear and easy to use, follow the recruitment process and configure each step to personalize your recruitment. You will be able to choose your path : for example, start with a psychometric test, continue with a video interview and end with a physical interview. You can also do the exact opposite, you are in control of your recruitment.

Customize your job descriptions to have complete and understandable documentation by all.

Today, the assessment has become a standard but only problem: it is expensive. Indeed, it is necessary to bring the candidate, release collaborators, etc. With Skilder, the assessment is multimodal (verbal, paraverbal, non-verbal and written). Everything is digitized and fully automated. The candidate is placed in a situation from his home and you receive the results in real time.

In conclusion

Une solution complète et tout en un, qui vous permet de faire tous vos recrutements au même endroit, vous n’avez pas besoin de vous former ou de vous adapter à un autre outil.

The plus of the prequalification of the Skilder candidate

Increase candidate engagement through increasingly innovative and immersive interfaces and assessments.

Justify your choices using Artificial Intelligence and make the best decisions.

Innovate in your recruitment processes and stand out to candidates.

Mais aussi, ayez une marque employeur plus forte et soyez attractifs pour attirer plus de profils grâce à votre recrutement innovant et ludique.