Enhance the value of your company's professions and involve your employees in adapted training programs.


Evaluate yourself and develop your full potential thanks to the training courses in line with your needs and access the jobs that suit you.


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Promote your

Create competency frameworks and make your professions more attractive

Let your teams freely evaluate themselves on a job

Promote your internal mobility offers

Make your jobs

Suggestion on training programs

Obtain certificates

Visualization of experience sharing and good practices

Teams that
progress at their own pace

Different learning methods: e-learning, remote learning or hybrid

Certified trainings

Goal planning

Your talents

Visualization of profiles that stand out

Obtaining of the visualization of the certificates

Mobility demands

Develop and
retain your talents

Presentation of a carreer plan to your teams

Easy access to mobility requests

Valorization of the skills of each resource

Store your content on the platform and make your trainings accessible worldwide. Our tool allows you to highlight your training contents after analyzing your needs. Publishing online is simple and fast, the quotes are automated and your content is boosted along with your brand image. Simplify your administrative actions with sale indicators and provide one single invoice.
Assess the performance of your learning contents and improve its quality with our training program impact study tool.


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Identify your clients needs
in a simple way


Visualization of needs

Quick and easy online publishing

Create customized
training programs

Automatic creation

Presentation of contents

Diagnosis of needs

Target the types of
training to be developed

Recommendation of trainings featuring your contents

Trainings accessible worldwide

Different types of learning available

Reporting and dataviz

Performance of your contents

Impact study of your trainings

Quality indicator: access to user comments and opinions

candidate engagement

A dedicated applicant page gathering instant messaging, last offers of your company and completed assessments.

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