Determine your recruitment criteria

Published on 17/05/2022

2 min.

Déterminer les critères de recrutement

How to take stock of your company's needs and how to determine your recruitment criteria?

To carry out a good recruitment and find the ideal collaborator, it is necessary to determine your recruitment criteria upstream. Creating a skills repository allows you to have a global vision of your needs and therefore find the right profile.

Technical criteria (hard skills)

A hard skill is a purely technical skill. It can range from knowledge of software, through the art of negotiation to end up with a mastered language.

Often demonstrated by diplomas or training, these technical skills express the know-how related to a trade.

Knowing your needs in terms of hard skills is therefore essential to recruit the profile that will best match the position in question.

Behavioral criteria (soft skills)

More difficult to demonstrate, a soft skill is a behavioral skill. In other words, it comes down to skills. Is the candidate listening? Does he know how to work in a team? Does he have a leadership position?

This will allow you to identify the way to act but also part of the personality of your candidate. It is important to identify the person in front of you in order to determine if they will be able to fit into your entrepreneurial spirit.

The motivation of the candidate

Assessing a candidate's motivation is not easy, but it is a very important factor in the recruitment process. Motivation is a driving force it allows you to know the learning capacities of your future collaborator. The more he is motivated, the greater the investment will be.

Find out if the candidate fits the job

The recruitment process begins long before the search for a candidate, in fact you must first create the job description. This allows companies to optimize the way they work.

It must include : 

-Missions that must be linked to specific skills. 

- Key information about the position (type of contract, schedules, mobility, etc.)

- Prospects for development, conditions, etc.

All you have to do is define the criteria for the profile best suited to your needs. 


What criteria should the profile include? 

- A socio-demographic profile (level of experience, sector of activity, network, presentation, salary expectations, etc.) 

-A professional profile, which includes the technical skills that are necessary for taking up the position

- A psychological profile, which covers the expected human qualities and motivations of the candidate. (How does he work in a team? Does he know how to manage stress? What does he expect from a company?)

This profile provides guidance on the best way to conduct the recruitment campaign.


The investment of a candidate and his good integration cannot be done if you do not know what to look for. Determining your recruitment criteria will allow you to limit turnover and have a adequate employee for the position in question. SKILDER has implemented a solution allowing you to create your skills repository in line with your needs and your corporate culture.