Use case : CORPORATE

Published on 12/04/2022

3 min.

ATS - solution de recrutement, simple et facile d'utilisation

Use case: CORPORATE, how to integrate the Skilder solution into your processes?

Dans cet article, nous vous proposons un cas d’usage : corporate dans lequel notre outil a apporté une solution efficace et rapide à l’un de nos clients. 

Working in the construction sector, a sector in tension, our client needed rapid and efficient recruitment. The challenge was to set up a tool centralizing the entire recruitment process.

What is the purpose of implementing a Skilder solution?

The objective is to offer a solution capable of synthesizing all the elements relating to an application according to a skills framework. Data processing is automated in order to guarantee rapid support for candidates.

In reality, there are three major issues: increase the flow of candidates via the employer brand, ensure reliable recruitment to avoid turnover over and thus secure the smooth running of the project and finally constitute a solid candidate base for the future.

Indeed, in this activity, the client needs to see in the long term and to think about the loyalty of the workforce in order to be able to place old profiles on new contracts. The placement must be done quickly and in the best possible conditions.

To do this, thanks to the Skilder solution, he was able to put in place if necessary appropriate training in order to keep the best talents and develop them. The profiles are therefore versatile and make it possible to meet customer needs while thinking about the well-being of employees.

The solution for a Use Case : CORPORATE

For all these reasons and more, our client was won over by the digitalization of centralized recruitment processes on a single platform ensuring visibility of applications. Our 100% digital and global solution is the best way to save time, increase performance and facilitate all HR procedures.

It ensures recruitment in line with the natural behavior of the user, the hardskills and their potential.

Our artificial intelligence makes it possible to accurately and reliably identify the different strengths and weaknesses of current candidates or employees.

De plus, en diffusant notre offre grâce à notre système multi-canaux, l’entreprise est assurée en un clic de rendre ces offres visibles sur l’ensemble des job boards du marché.

The capital gain

He was able to build a strong candidate base which he can easily access during the various projects. The company's customers are delighted: decision-making is justified with an ability to meet needs with ever greater responsiveness. By saving time, you have the possibility of meeting the needs of the different departments of your company.

Bien plus, les candidatures ont été multipliées par 2 grâce à une marque employeur moderne, les candidats trouvent l’expérience unique, pratique et sérieuse. Choisir Skilder, c’est opter pour des présélections en ligne incluant hard skills, soft skills, test de personnalité, test cognitif et motivation. L’entreprise est l’une des premières à proposer une expérience candidat exceptionnelle pour des clients exigeants. 

Les tests cognitifs, de motivation et de personnalité déterminent le potentiel d’un candidat. L’assessment vous permet d’observer le comportement dans une mise en situation. En combinant  notre CMP  avec notre assessment vous obtenez une cartographie augmentée des compétences comportementales.

Les recrutements sont désormais très haut de gamme avec une solution digitale plus efficace que les méthodologies classiques. 

Behavioral qualities as well as the detection of psychosocial risks are now measurable elements for our client and to which he is able to provide solutions through targeted training. Resources are optimized and ensure customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Assessment – which is usually expensive and cumbersome to set up, is now a standard. Free yourself from the constraints of traditional assessment and opt for digitalization.