Employer brand attractiveness: what candidates want

Published on 15/03/2022

4 min.

booster votre marque employeur

Modernize and boost your company's employer brand attractiveness to attract talent

Today, defining and developing your employer brand is a real challenge for Human Resources. With the rise of new technologies and the digitization of companies, it is now possible to activate a multitude of levers. To attract the best profiles, you have to know how to capture the candidate's attention thanks to attractiveness strong employer brand.

Our solution allows you to stand out from your competitors by enhancing your values and integrating a playful and unique part when recruiting, talent management, outplacement, etc.

What is an employer brand ?

It is a strategy that takes on the notion of the company's reputation, its values, its organization, its communication, etc. with both internal and external audiences. Too often focused on recruiting new talent, the employer brand goes – perhaps above all – through a company's deep aspiration that its employees – current or potential – feel good in their position and in their company.

The employer brand is therefore linked to the image of the company. When the brand image is qualitative and solid, it makes it possible to make new talents want to apply but also to make them stay. The best example of a strong employer brand is google, which is in the Top 3 Dream Employers.

This notion, which appeared at the end of the 90s, is taken from the Anglo-Saxon concept "Employer Branding". “Branding” refers to all the aspects involved in the image of a company (logo, graphics, values, etc.)

Today, 64% of applicants find out about the company before applying and 1 in 2 French people say they only apply for a job if they have a good image of the company. This is why 96% of recruiters surveyed are fully aware of the importance of their employer brand in their attractiveness. Despite this expectation from candidates,2 out of 3 recruiters only say they have developed a good image of the company.
Oriented towards the well-being of current and potential employees, the brand employer secures the candidate and guarantees a safer choice.

How do you know if you need to boost the attractiveness of your employer brand?

Signs that your employer brand is less attractive :

Several indicators may suggest that your employer brand needs to be boosted.

First of all recruitment : if you have difficulty attracting applications, especially young talents, the employer brand can play a fatal role.

Also, an e-reputation and a lack of differentiation compared to your competitors but also a high turnover can indicate an employer brand that needs renewal!

A good brand image is measured in KPIs : social networks are a good way to know if you have an engaged community, which identifies with your brand, your traffic on your website but also the number of applications received during the publication of an offer or spontaneously.

How to develop your employer brand ?

Be your company's presentation

A company that has a good brand image is much more attractive. So be your presentation! Skilder allows you to broadcast your offers with personalized videos for each company but also on each offer in order to present the position but also the manager.

Improve the candidate experience

Isn't a unique and fun experience an experience that we remember ? Differentiate yourself from your competitors by offering tailor-made and unprecedented recruitment. Immerse the candidate in a 100% digital scenario and match the right employee with your company.

Based on natural behaviors, Skilder makes it possible to connect a candidate with the values ​​of the company.

Keep your talents !

Once the candidates have been seduced, it is a question of keeping them, because nothing is ever acquired ! The best way to retain them? Develop their skills and motivation.

The working conditions, the atmosphere, listening, professional development and the possibility of evolving are all elements to highlight.

Skilder allows you to personalize the journey of your employees by offering them tailor-made CMP tests and assessments according to their needs, with the aim of offering training path or talent management. Skilder allows you to store and centralize the data of your employees to make them evolve.

Strong values ​​with a positive impact

Deploy your values ​​and display them proudly! equal opportunities, social integration, better skills development, quality of life at work, reduction of psychosocial risks, etc.

Your future or current collaborators are the best ambassadors of your company, bet on them with good communication.


At work, candidates apply more to a company. The quality of the employee experience also has an impact on recruitment costs: with good recruitment, costs are reduced. Otherwise, the candidates will ask for a salary 5% higher than what would have been asked in an attractive company.

Skilder offers you a solution that allows you to enhance your employer brandwith a modern, differentiating image that is attentive to your needs. The employer brand, a win-win for employees and employers.