ATS - Recruitment solution

Published on 05/04/2022

3 min.

ATS - solution de recrutement, simple et facile d'utilisation

ATS - recruitment solution: The tool that will save you time

At Skilder, we constantly want to improve our tools to offer you a complete, sustainable and 100% digital solution. The development of our ATS – recruitment solution has been a very interesting moment for our teams and we are proud to reveal it to you today!




ATS - recruitment solution, yes… but what is so special?

For you to understand, we will take a use case. 

One of our clients, at the head of an SME, has a strong need to recruit. 

Unfortunately, the profiles do not jostle to respond to the offer. 

And even worse, every interview falls through, he fails to find the right talent and gradually loses hope.
One day, one lucky and sunny morning, he comes across the Skilder site.

Enlightenment! That's what he needs.

The tool allows you to promote your company and develop your employer brand in order to make you attractive to your future employee. 

The key to success lies in the responsiveness of the employer to a candidate. 

Our tool allows you to centralize all data related to recruitment but even better, it allows you to easily manage, automate communication and obtain applications evaluated via our tools (assessment, psychometric test, technical evaluations).

No more paperwork !




A route by stage

Our main protagonist therefore accesses the Skilder hub, a dedicated platform for his company.

He will be able to create his offer and personalize it with videos and colors corresponding to his identity in order to make the offer as attractive as possible.

Once the required information is completed, you can finally publish your offer on several sites by clicking on a single button! 

This is where automation comes in handy. 

Thanks to this platform, he will be able to send automatic emails and innovative assessments in order to create a recruitment process specific to each need.

Indeed, we provide you with a whole series of cognitive, motivation and personality tests, but that's not all! Technical evaluations, but also languages, or even hardskills, everything is possible!

As a bonus, you can create your own tests. Our solution is customizable to best meet all your needs. 

The recruiter will be able to follow the process from the platform and will receive a complete analysis report allowing them to prepare for the interview and target the questions they will ask.

Thanks to this, he will be able to select the right candidate with objective and scientific justifications.

The icing on the cake, your recruitment processes are based on a customizable skills repository.

Vous recherchez un manager à l’écoute ? Un collaborateur qui sache prendre des décisions importantes en toute autonomie ou un responsable bienveillant ? À vous de décider !

And the recruitment itself?

Plus besoin de regarder chaque CV, de remplir des fichiers Excel, de calculer et de comparer chaque élément, VictorIA notre technologie, s’en charge pour vous et centralise le tout sur la plateforme. Bien plus, elle génère automatiquement et en temps réel les synthèses des différents tests avec un scoring.

Detect the candidates who stand out thanks to dynamic graphs and observe their complete profile to make the right choice. 

A simple tool for everybody !

Whether your issues are related to mobility, training or recruitment, this solution is your answer. It corresponds to all trades, can be adapted at any time and frees up your time for tasks that require attention. 

Do not waste any more time, and find your talent.