Customizable digital immersions in professional settings for recruiting, nurturing and monitoring the progress of your collaborators.

Analyse the behavioral skills (soft skills) with our digital simulations in order to evaluate precisely and take objective decisions. The multimodal assessment will ensure better credibility.


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Custom-made assessment

Digital online assessment

Customized script

Customizing with your company’s identity (logo, colours, etc.)

Centralize your results
on the platform

Results comparison

Visualization of profiles that stand out

Recommendation of training according to the needs

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Contextual assessment

Proof with video and written productions

Summary analysis

Psychometric tests, languages or technical tests :
Make a 360 assessment of your profiles. A simple and effective tool for a global vision.


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Psychometric tests :
motivation, personality,

Create your own assessments

Create your own dimensions to evaluate

Instant results

Language tests

Create your own assessments

Analysis of spoken and written language, taking into account paraverbal parameters

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Technical and/or
software tests

Create your own assessments

Quick and easy online publishing

Instant results

candidate engagement

A dedicated applicant page gathering instant messaging, last offers of your company and completed assessments.

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