A software suite that allows you making better decisions.

Recruit, train and make your collaborators grow thanks to a simple and user friendly HR management platform.

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is the decrease of the recruitement costs thanks to the employer brand


of the recruiters use a job board


of tasks related to the recruitment can be automated, allowing to truly focus on human contact

Unique and customized


Increase your performance and save time by automatically targeting the profiles that interest you on different job boards.
Let our solution directly import the profiles that match your criteria into our ATS.
We take care of contacting them and promoting your offers!

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The 100% customizable and configurable solution allows you structuring and supervising all your recruitment processes (internal promotion, job mobility, outplacement, etc...) while using a skill-based approach supported by AI in order to accelerate your decisions and make them more reliable. Centralize all your information and create a database of qualified profiles.

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of the paperwork

Forget the time-consuming and repetitive tasks!
Prepare, launch and analyze your soft skills evaluation campaigns by automating the publication of job offers, the sending of emails or SMS or even the pre-selection of resumes on large volumes.
Integrate your new ressources faste thanks to the automation of the administrative tasks (employment contract, prior declaration to employment, payroll management, etc.)

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A 360° profile

Offering your applicants a unique experience of a real-life professional setting will change their vision of recruitment.
Recruit through a digital assessment using the only solution that provides evidence for the results which is in line with your job requirements.
All skills are analyzed to facilitate and filter them according to your needs !
What if you had the resources in-house? Understand the strengths and needs of your employees in order to orient and prepare them for their future assignments.

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Train your talents
with custom-made solutions

Create a learning culture within your company by facilitating knowledge transfer. All the employees have the opportunity to easily and quickly pass on their experience. Our AI designs custom-made training programs and allows you developing the skills that you are interested in. Track the progress through our dynamic dashboards.

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Supervise all your
actions in a simple way

Manage all the performances of your ressources with a suite logicielle complète. Save time and centralize all your data on a single platform. Evaluate the quality of the content of the training programmes through our impact assessment and optimize your investments by identifying the requirements for the growth of your business.

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They trust us

HR Trophy

Winner in the category 3 “security of the collaborators” organized by Republik Secu

Winner of the Pulsalys program

Selected for a 112k€ support and funding program, in partnership with the Aslan Laboratory of Excellence, the CNRS and the ICAR laboratory.

Labelled "Deep Tech"

Deep Tech" label awarded by BPI France!

Pôle Emploi project

Pôle emploi agreement: €1.1 million in funding to enhance the softskills of jobseekers with few qualifications, by objectively identifying their behavioral skills through interactive digital simulations.

BPCE Supplier Trophy

Winner of the Supplier Trophies at the 2018 BPCE Purchasing Convention, in the "Coup de cœur" category.

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